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The Webaround is a product and company dreamed up late at night inside a hospital in Detroit. One of the doctors utilized a robot to interact remotely with patients and was broadcasting from his messy kitchen. His message was important, but his background was distracting. That night, the Webaround concept was born and work began on creating the product. Years later, we continue to perfect the Webaround design and now offer Webarounds in blue, grey, and chroma-key green, as well as four different sizes.

As we continued to evolve and to better meet the needs of gamers—we created Webaround Gaming. Webaround Gaming is the hub for all gaming related topics and posts from Webaround. Webaround Gaming is a virtual space where our gaming community thrives and we deliver value to content creators and streamers who use the Webaround on a daily basis.

We look forward to working with you, whether you are streaming in your bedroom or a multi-national company investing in webcam enabled face-to-face customer service—Webaround has a solution for you.


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