Here at Druid Gaming we are very keen to make sure your data is kept safe. With that in mind, no personal data will be required for you to visit and browse through This is a news site, and currently we do not have any adverts that are driven by cookies or any other form of coding. Any adverts you seen on this website are sponsored adverts from our clients and associates. This means that you can roam around as much as you like without the fear of Big Brother storing all your important information. As a principle you will not receive any marketing, spam, junk or anything unwanted as a result of visiting our site so browse away friend! 

Please bear in mind that new data protection laws give you, the consumer, the right to request what information we have on you, how it's stored and if it's been passed on at all. It is our responsibility to safely store your data and be able to provide you with the above, so please feel free to contact us on if you do have any questions.

There is only one exception to the above statement. Druid Media Limited, the owners of Druid Gaming, also host the & websites, which is the official site for StreamCon. There is information about StreamCon on the Druid Gaming website and several links to take you to the StreamCon websites in case you wish to buy tickets. We have a privacy policy on there also ( so please do read it, but in a nutshell we will have to take some information about you if you wish to buy tickets including:

  • Your name

  • Your Date of Birth

  • Your Email Address

  • Payment Information

  • Country of Residence

It is essential for us to collect this information for a couple of reasons. Firstly, by providing your name we can ensure that tickets are redeemed on the day of the event by the correct person, and we can make sure everyone is accounted for in case of emergencies and things like that. It's also nice to provide a personalised email by using your name, after all - StreamCon is about getting to know each other to help the Streaming Community. Secondly, your Date of Birth is also important so that we can ensure everyone who is attending is old enough to do so. Again, health and safety plays a big part of this, but also some exhibitors may be providing content which has an age requirement. Thirdly, your email address is probably the most important thing for us to have because it's where we will send your tickets. We will also send you a reminder about the event in the weeks commencing to make sure you haven't forgotten. But that is literally it. We will store the data only until the event has been held, after which we will remove it all for your safety. Finally, in order to buy tickets to StreamCon you will of course have to pay digitally, via card payment. Our payment provider is Stripe, a world renowned company who safely handle money for millions of transactions each year. When you pay for StreamCon tickets, your payment details will be stored on Stripe just in case refunds are required etc.  

How is it stored?

Our website provider is Wix, a trusted giant in the web hosting world. Within the Wix software there is a Wix Event app that allows us to sell tickets, and as a result is able to store the aforementioned data. It will not be taken from this app and passed to any third party source, nor will it be used for marketing purposes. Your data will be saved up until the event only, after which it will be removed. Your payment data, which is stored on Stripe, is stored in virtually the same way. Stripe allows us to see your name and email address, the date and time you paid, and what type of card you paid with. We cannot see any specific details about the card such as your card number, CVV or account number. 

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