YouTube will show Overwatch and COD Leagues

The two previous seasons of the Overwatch League were exclusively streamed on Twitch, and like many of the previous Call of Duty competitions it was commonplace to find yourself when trying to watch the major events of games like this. However for the upcoming Overwatch League season 3, and for the newly formed Call of Duty League you will be viewing these on YouTube.

YouTube have signed a new deal with Activision Blizzard, who of course develop both titles, that will see both leagues and Hearthstone streamed exclusively on YouTube. This comes after a number of famous streamers have moved to the platform, including JD Courage, Valkyrae, Hofstetter, Muselk & LazarBeam have recently moved to the platform, showing that YouTube is really focusing on growing the 'live' element.

The Call of Duty League is already underway and is proving to be really popular, and with Overwatch League Season 3 starting on Saturday 8th Feb we are going to found ourselves on YouTube A LOT over the coming months.