YouTube claim they will be offering 'something different' for their Rewind 2019... thank god!

Last year after YouTube provided their rewind of 2018 and simultaneously produced one of the clingiest pieces of content on their platform, people were quick to react... negatively. The end-of-year video is currently sat on 2.6 million likes to 17 million dislikes. Ouch.

The Video has been heavily criticized not only for it's hard-to-watch content, but for the fact it seemed as if it was favouring certain creators over others. Hmm, not cool, YouTube!

We're not sure what the 2019 rewind will entail, but it seems like YouTube have listened to the people and will be changing their content up completely after tweeting this image.

Let us know your thoughts on YouTube's rewind for 2018 and what you think they should include for 2019.

Surely KSI v Logan Paul, right?

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