Young Boy Commits Suicide after being Banned from PUBG

We have spoken before about the issues surrounding addiction to video games and once again it has proven to be an on going issue. British newspaper, The Independent, reported yesterday about the tragic suicide of a young boy in India who took his own life after reportedly being banned by his parents from playing PUBG.

In India there are clearly a lot of stigmas still around the addictions of gaming and the effects it can have on young people. There is a particular worry from schools, parents and local authorities that video games can hinder education as a lot of youngsters were found to be playing video games instead of studying. A lot of people have also signed petitions to get the game banned, and in some cities and regions PUBG is already banned. Tencent are apparently in the midst of a legal battle to have their game reinstated, claiming there is no legal grounds for a ban. We can see both points here, there is clearly an issue if youngsters are taking their own lives, but completely banning the game may be the wrong play.

Again from our opinion, there clearly is an issue with gaming addiction (not just in India, but worldeide), but like with anything the solution is probably not to ban it altogether but rather increase the education and awareness around gaming. If the same education was provided as with say gambling or alcohol then children and parents alike would perhaps be more aware of the necessity to balance gaming with other aspects of life. Gambling and drinking can be harmless and a great laugh, as can gaming, but too much and too often regularly proves to cause both physical and mental issues. Organisations like DARE and GambleAware and hundreds more are there to make people aware and help when needed. If you ever feel like you have an addiction to gaming and it's getting in the way of the rest of your life, make sure you speak up and talk to someone close.