Xbox Series X to allow all 4 Generation Games

Microsoft have released quite a few details this week about their next generation console, the Xbox Series X. Most importantly is the power of the new console, which will be a staggering 12 Teraflops - that's 4 times more power than the Xbox One X can produce. This, amongst a number of other spec announcements, points towards what is expected to be an incredible gaming experience.

The other important piece of information is the fact that the Xbox Series X will allow games from all 3 previous consoles to be played. For most gamers this in itself is a fantastic revelation as it will allow us to continue playing games that we have loved for years, whilst still being able to experience the new titles that come to the Series X.

Not only will you be able to play your favourite Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games, you will also benefit from faster load times, steadier frame rates and improved visuals on older titles. This is fantastic news as it will allow a better experience with our old favourites. Awesome!