Xbox release a PUBG Greaseproof Controller

So Microsoft have just released a new controller that has a greaseproof coating. The video which was launched on the XboxAustralia YouTube channel earlier this morning shows the new controller being covered in oil,  grease, water and chicken juices; alongside a nice PUBG pun. 

It kind of supports the negative, and probably quite uncommon stereotype of gamers being slobs eating pizza in their parents’ basement which doesn’t really help anyone. But having said that, all streamers know how tough it can be to find time to eat when you’ve got a streaming schedule to stick to. At least this way you can eat in between games or pick at a bag of Doritos during our stream.

The problem is, only 200 have been made so these are certainly going to be hard to get hold of (pun intended), especially seeing as they’re mainly been sold in Australia. However it is pretty likely that if they sell well in Australia this could become a new feature for future controllers.

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