Widen Your Vision with iiyama Gaming Monitors

This week in our email we talked about a widescreen monitor from iiyama, the G-Master GB3461WQSU. When we say widescreen, we really mean it; this bad boy has a diagonal length of 34" (86.7cm), which is absolutely huge. It's not something that's talked about enough but having a bigger screen is an absolutely fantastic way to immerse yourself in the game. With more of your field of vision being taken up by the monitor it allows you to feel more like you are in the game than with a regular sized monitor. This is particularly awesome for story-based games as it allows you to spectate the wonderful worlds in full-view! Imagine Cyberpunk on this screen...insane!

Often the hesitancy around going for larger monitors is that the quality of the screen, and therefore the performance during gameplay will be compromised. This is true in a lot of cases but with the G-Master GB3461WQSU you get a 1ms response time, 144Hz refresh rate and incredible quality of image due to a combination of the FREESYNC Premium Technology, Ultrawide QHD resolution, and IPS technology which covers 100% of the sRGB colour range. For an incredibly reasonable £339.95 you can get your hands on the G-Master GB3461WQSU right now at iiyama. Let's take a look at some of the specs below:

- IPS Panel

- 144Hz Refresh Rate

- 1ms MRPT

- 3440x1440 Resolution

- FREESYNC Premium Technology

- Ultrawide QHD for 21:9 viewable area

- Black Tuner for greater viewing performance

- Colour support 16.7mln 8bit (sRGB: 100%, NTSC: 74%)

- 34" Diagonal Length

- Adjustable display positions

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