Where do I even begin with Cyberpunk 2077?

Well let's look at the facts, it’s a narrative driven, first person, open world RPG, set in a dark yet not too far future from our own, just under 60 years from now. Although right away, it's incredibly futuristic.  

In Cyberpunk 2077 you can fully customise your character in a deep character customisation system and of course the first thing you have to decide on is, do you play as a male or female?

Once you’ve got that decision locked down, then comes the out of the ordinary decisions as the game has you choosing your characters backstory. What you choose your backstory to be directly impacts what becomes possible later on within the game. For me personally that just sounds awesome and I can't wait to play through every single possible backstory!

Anyway, back to the game! You can use an array of different options to change the way you look. Such options as body type, hair style, tattoos, make-up, skin tone and so on. However, visuals and backstory aren’t everything you get to customise with Cyberpunk, next comes the attributes. Come on we all love attributes, it's what makes the character feel our own, that and giving them a ridiculous future hairstyle and a Mike Tyson style face tattoo, right? 

Right from the off, you kind of get almost a borderlands type feel, in a sense you have namebars, healthbars and what level the AI are. You also have the damage done to enemies floating as you hit them, they have gone for this approach and taken out the popular choice of most games, hitmarkers. Make no mistake though the comparison to borderlands is only very shallow, as Cyberpunks power level is wayyyyyy over 9000 in comparison.  

Cyberpunk is a first-person RPG with no option of going into a third-person, this gives the game much more fluidity and you can see they have worked well on the ADS system as it moves beautifully. The developer's, CD projekt say they have done this to make it completely immersive experience and want it to be played through the eyes of the character and not over the shoulder. Which I totally get and respect as I didn’t want this game to feel like a Fallout game. Don’t get me wrong the Fallout was and is great but personally I'm ready for something with a new feel and Cyberpunk looks to be exactly that.