Webaround Green Screen

We'll begin this review by appreciating the idea of what this product actually is: convenient. A 56" green screen that simply sits on the back of your chair - sounds easy right? That's because it is! It arrives in plastic, folded neatly and held together by velcro arms. This compact form let's you know that when folded, space isn't going to be an issue. The Screen springs open quite assertively so watch those old vases! And then suddenly, as if from nowhere, a 56 inch Green Screen ready to display what your heart (and software) desires. The Velcro arms that previously held it closed now wrap around your chair locking the screen securely to the back. Once it's in place you're ready to go, it's that simple. Your nans old wall paper has suddenly transitioned in to out of space, crazy!

So why would you want a green screen? As a streamer your most important feature is your image; how your set up looks. It's very easy to tell the difference between a dedicated streamer and a casual streamer. Take the likes of Shroud, Dr Lupo, Ninja etc. Their streaming room looks professional, clean and is often filled with amazing merchandise.

Compare this to streamers whose room is just their messy bedroom, with clothes everywhere and dodgy old wallpaper that's been there since the 60s and I'm sure you can tell me which gives the better impression.

Now I'm not saying that what your room looks like is going to determine whether you are a good gamer, a good streamer or even if it will determine your success. Let's be honest xQc has becoming one of the best streamers to watch and be isn't what you'd call clean. What I am saying is that for most small streamers, professionalism will take you a long way. For those that are streaming from their bedroom, you can use a green screen to block out your room in the background so that only you yourself show up in your stream. Fresh!

So if you are looking to neaten up your stream a bit, a green screen could be perfect for you. If this is you, have a look at The Webaround. It's tried, tested and heavily recommended by the Druid Gaming team and we can vouch for it's quality and ease of use. Check them out at: