Warzone Reaches 30 Million Players in only 10 Days 

Call of Duty: Warzone is the latest free-to-play Battle Royale to hit our homes and it is breaking records almost on a daily basis. On day 2 of the game being released we reported that it had reached 6 million downloads in its first 24 hours. This in itself is an unbelievable achievement, and if it could have continued on this path it would break a record set by Apex Legends last year, to reach 50 million downloads in its first month.

Well, Warzone is on track to beat this record having hit the 30 million mark on day 10. Of course downloads are likely to slow after the initial first wave of players but being 2/3 of the way there with 3 weeks left is an incredible feat.

It is debatable as to how fair of a contest this is as the current global pandemic which we are facing is forcing people to stay home; with many students no longer allowed to go to school, and many adults not able to work. This means that people are spending more time on video games as a result, and therefore gives it more of a chance than Apex. Either way, both have reached an insane number of downloads early in their life and both should be applauded.

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