Vigor: So Far So Good!!

This is my first review of Vigor, but certainly not my last or my most complete review. Having only heard about it a few days ago when I saw the trailer, I immeditaly set it to download. The trailier itself (see below) was very enticing and certainly drew me in and so far I'd say the game has lived upto the hype I felt from the trailer. I've compiled my thoughts on the game so far, and if they seem a bit vague or uninformed, that's because I have decided to not read upon the game and have it spoilt - so this is a completely subjective viewpoint from my actual gameplay. As I progress through the game I hope to provide more insight, but like I say - early signs are very promising for Vigor.

So what is Vigor? Well I've only played a few hours so far but I'd say that it's pretty much a perfrect blend of The Division and PUBG. The setting of the game sees a world which is uninhabitable, seemingly by some sort of nuclear attack from the trailer, leaving most of the world as a baron wasteland. Toxic dust covers the land of most of Europe, with Norway being the only exception. All we know at this stage is that lone human survivors, also know as Outlanders, have found their way to Norway and are fighting for survival.

At the start of the game you must find your way to a building which you then claim as your safehouse. To begin with the safehouse is nothing but a battered old barnhouse but over time you gather wood, nails, fuel and other materials and use them to repair and upgrade the house. You also are presented with a crafting table where you can buy, build and upgrade weapons and consumables. So far I haven't come under fire in my house; these are only really used for the in-game matches which I'll come onto later. Naturally you start with a basic pistol but using your crafting table, you are able to upgrade and unlock more weapons such as SMGs, LMGs, Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles. It has a colour ranking system like The Divison, and the way to get these weapons is to either use parts which you can loot, or use weapon plans. Once you've done all of your upgrading and repairing you reach a point where you then need to collect more materials and this is where the matchmaking comes in.

At your drawing board in the safehouse you can enter a match either as a solo player or in a duo - and you are then dropped into a sort of PvP mini-game. There are several maps, all based around Norway which include small towns, fishing villages and more. The maps are small, and only around 8-12 players are there at any one time. The aim is to get in and loot as much as you can, either by finding chests, toolboxes, safes or going all out and pushing for the Airdrop (which all players are notifed about). The fighiting is a little difficult to begin with, which I believe it intended, but it makes for quite the exciting little duel. If you kill a player you are typically able to loot all their stuff as well. After a certain period of time a warning comes up saying the toxic dust is approaching and you must head to a safe zone where you are extracted out, back to your safehouse. This is very much like The Division in many aspects, but the whole experience feels very much like a Battle Royale, particuarly PUBG. However, you can exit whenever you like so it isn't a last man standing type of thing. I have managed to get a couple od kills, loot 2 safes and leave with a full backpack with some very high level loot and not even hear the loot drop.

So there seem to be various ways to play Vigor - I'm sure I have only just scratched the surface here but so far so good in my opinion. As I progress through the game I'll write more about it but we would love to hear your thoughts, watch your streams/YouTube videos so send them across. This could be a game that goes quite far in my opinion!