Vigor is getting a Huge Update

If you haven't played Vigor yet we would certainly recommend it. It's an Xbox exclusive survival/Battle Royale fusion that has a very similar feel to it that you get when you play Division. You start with a very basic shelter that is falling apart and provides very little in the way of equipment and weaponry. However you have the option to drop into a variety of different maps and join a battle Royale style match. The aim of this match is to bring back loot and resources that will allow you to upgrade your shelter, such as metal parts, wire, chemicals, fuel etc. There are various points of interest which are often ripe with resources for you to search, but beware of other players who might also be in the area as they might attack you and steal all of your loot. There is also a care package dropped into the map which contains higher tier loot, but beware of snipers!!

If you have been playing Vigor already then you will be pleased to hear that a big update is coming, and the biggest addition will be the inclusion of a battle pass. The battle pass is designed to provide players with more insight into their progression through the introduction or a new XP system, as well as giving players more rewards such as skins, loot boxes and more importantly- blueprints!

Another massive addition to the game is the introduction of tools. Alarm Traps, contact bombs and Transmitters are all tools that can be used to help you gain the upper hand against the enemy. This will add another layer of tactics to vigor and will require a new sense of awareness that players previously didnt need. Not only have you got to keep an eye out for enemies, you will now need to watch out for traps too!

There is clearly a lot being added in the update and we think it will add a lot of depth to the game. This is certainly needed as Vigor could be a little stale in the past.