Valorant will be Released this Summer, for Free

The hype is growing around Valorant now, with more and more followers talking about it each day, including a whole host of streamers and professional gamers. After early image and video leaks last week, Riot have started to become much more open about the game and have provided some further detail this week.

Riot describe the game as a tactical shooter, but with more options for tactical plays than classic tac shooters due to the characters' abilities being used in a variety of different ways. We have already seen videos of some of the characters using magic attacks, putting up walls to block corridors and the like, and we are sure that the full roster will offer a wide range of character classes and skills.

We also now know that the game will be released in summer 2020, although no specific date was mentioned. Either way this is much closer than originally expected, so we can he playing it very soon. The other fantastic news is that the game will definitely be free-to-play, as is the norm with big games these days, but not only that; rumour has it that Valorant will not feature loot boxes. Loot boxes have been a contentious issue in recent times due to the amount of money people have to invest to actually get the cosmetic you want. Not having them means if there is a skin you want, you can buy it straight away. However, I expect there will be a battle pass format anyway which will give the more frugal players a range of skins anyway.

It has also been announced that several in-game detection systems will be used to prevent any form of cheating; be it speed hacks, aim bot or anything else. This includes the use of Vanguard, a system owned by Riot which is already used in League of Legends.

The gameplay itself is promised to be of great quality, with assurance from Riot that over 70% globally will be able to experience 35ms ping or less whilst playing. They also claim they will have 128-tick servers worldwide, allowing players to experience frame rates of 128FPS.

All in all Valorant is looking pretty great so far. As more updates and news is announced we will keep you updated.