Upshall shows you how to get a 31 kill game

For you guys out there that haven't heard of Upshall Games - he is a Canadian streamer & arguably the best ps4 Fortnite player out there currently. Known for his content on the Youtube platform with both videos and live streaming Upshall is in the peak of his talent on the vastly populated game, Fortnite.

It's not un-common for Upshall to record his games to share tips, tricks & generally show his fans how to improve their game. In the video below you can spectate Upshall as he displays a fantastic match where he and his duo partner receive a humongous 31 kill game between them. Check it out below! For those who are keen to meet Upshall & ask him questions in person, he will be a key guest speak for the Q&A panel at our very own Streamcon event next year - don't forget to purchase your ticket at

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