Up your game with Overclockers

Looking for a PC?

Do not worry! Druid Gaming have teamed up with Overclockers to make sure you are purchasing the gaming PC of your dreams! Offering PC's from every range, you can be confident you are upgrading the right way. This month's PC we are recommending is the mid to high end Enigma Enthusiast. Perfect for maintaining strong stream quality without affecting gaming performance. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/ocuk-gaming-enigma-enthusiast-ryzen-7-3700x-geforce-rtx-2070-super-fs-1dw-og.html#t=h2

This PC is perfect for a 'mid level' purchase and will run most games at 144hz +. Not only that, the CPU is also strong for the price, meaning you will be able to continue to #GRIND4DRUID at a professional standard.

In terms of sustainability this PC will be running at top performance for many years to come. We always recommend buying for the future and making the investment worth while. With the correct maintenance this PC will be on the very top of it's game for 6+ years.

The brilliant thing about the Overclockers service is that you can customise every aspect of the build. So, if you're looking to upgrade or tweak areas, every rig is completely customisable... Even down to the case! Hit the link to take a look at the Enigma Enthusiast: https://www.overclockers.co.uk/ocuk-gaming-enigma-enthusiast-ryzen-7-3700x-geforce-rtx-2070-super-fs-1dw-og.html#t=h2 And don't forget, if you have any questions about making a purchase, both Druid Gaming and OCUK are here to help in any way possible!

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