Ultimate by Name, Ultimate by Nature

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Having struggled to find a comfortable headset that also boasts high quality audio for a while now I decided to try out the Razer Kraken Ultimate to see what it had to offer. In my experience I’ve find some of the higher-range headsets to be a little uncomfortable due to their sturdiness. Because they are designed to bend (and therefore break) less, they often have less give in them, meaning they clamp to your head. If you are an avid gamer like me, 4-5 hours into a session the pressure of the headset can become too much, and discomfort therefore reduces my performance. Cheaper headsets do often have a little more flexibility but of course you lose some of the sound quality. My solution to this is the Razer Kraken Ultimate, which offers a perfect blend of comfort and audio quality.

The steel and aluminium frame provide a sturdy, solid feel when it is sat on your head. At no point does it feel like it will fall off your head, even when standing up to shout at the TV. Despite this, Razer have managed to balance strength with comfort. The memory foam earcups and the cushioned headband are both spongy, meaning 8 hours into a grind you do not get the pressure headaches. The cooling gel that sits inside the foam also provides heat relief, meaning hours into your session you are still sweat-free.

The earcups are not only designed for comfort, but also provide a great noise-cancelling experience as well. When you are in the zone, pushing for high ranks, there is nothing more annoying than having background noise putting you off, and the Ultimate is certainly there for you from this point of view. When in a game, I could barely hear the conversations going on around me, allowing me to focus. On top of this, the 360-degree surround sound that the THX Spatial Audio provides is second to none. I could hear enemy footsteps incredibly clearly allowed me to position myself early and not be at a disadvantage. The audio is crisp, clear balanced – meaning I could hear my party chat, the game, and all sound effects as clear as day.

In terms of appearance the design of the Razer Kraken Ultimate is gorgeous. Personally, I liked the subtle, sleek look of the Ultimate compared to other headsets on the market, including the bright green Kraken Tournament. However, the use of RGB lights are a lovely addition, they provide a small sense of atmosphere, but do not light your room up like a beacon when playing late at night. They even added a small red light on the mic to remind you it is active, which is a nice touch.

Overall, we love the Kraken Ultimate. The design, performance and comfort are all spot on and perfectly balanced, making its £130 price tag fairly reasonable. It has the characteristics of some of the more expensive headsets we have used without being crazy prices. Obviously £130 is not cheap, but having tried out some more affordable headsets, they do not work as well on all levels like the Kraken Ultimate does. I have typically found with cheaper headsets you lose out on either comfort or audio quality, making the Kraken Ultimate a nice middle ground when it comes to price v quality. A definite recommendation from Druid Gaming.

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