'U.K. Perfect for FIFA Esports League'

Garry Cook, the CEO of Gfinity, speaking in an interview with Sky Sports, eluded to just how successful the U.K. could be as a platform for esports. The upcoming ePremier League will host the current 20 premier league teams in a tournament where each club is represented by an esports athlete. The chief executive said they'd been getting over 10k viewers consistently but expects that to rise considerably as the tournament progresses.

It does make sense; the U.K. is a proud footballing nation with a high standard of football both domestically and internationally. Every weekend, hundreds of thousands of fans watch matches live, on TV and follow the sport via the media. Take that in the same breath as the millions of people who game and stream on a daily basis and you can see Garry Cook's point.

However we at Druid Gaming say why stop there? Sure FIFA has a good chance of high viewership but let's not forget the other games which have hundreds of British gamers competing in. What esports would you like to see more of? Let us know in the comments

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