Turbo Build Nerf Reversed, Ping Delay Removed 

Epic Games recently came under heavy criticism after they released update v10.20. In this update was a change that made a massive difference to the gameplay and that was an increase in the amount of time between placing builds. The delay was increased from 0.15 seconds to 0.5 seconds, which may not seem a lot, but in practice is certainly obvious.

The intentions behind this were to improve the game by forcing build placements to be a little more deliberate, as opposed to spamming down a load of builds to get yourself out of trouble. I have to admit that at a casual gamer level it was a little annoying thinking that when you were about to kill someone, and suddenly your opponent has built a 3 story house. Having said that, when you see the pro Fortnite players get into a build battle, or even when they build tunnels late game, you realise that they aren't really spamming builds, in fact they're able to build at such a pace with incredible accuracy. So in fact all Epic did was make the game worse for better players. Taking turbo build away from pro Fortnite players is like making a professional golfer play with wooden golf clubs.

Take a look at the below video from Chap, a Fortnite professional, as he tries to tunnel but fails miserably. If you've seen chap before you'll know that he could do this before with incredible accuracy. This video highlights the impact that this change briefly made.

The other change that has come about with the turbo nerf reversal is the inclusion of what Epic is calling a 'random roll'. This is something that comes into play when two players are having a build battle, particularly when one is inside a box and the other is trying to break in, and the two players try and place the same build at the same time. Previously what would happen is the player with the lowest ping would automatically have their piece placed, whereas now it will be completely random as to who is able to place their piece. This is a change that we foresee players will give warm welcome, and viewers will welcome even more. There's nothing more frustrating than hammering at the same wall and failing to replace it with your own wall 10 times - nobody wants that!

Druid Gaming beloeve that these two changed are steps back in the right direction for Epic Games and Fortnite. Season 10 has been a bit of a bust but we know EPIC are a quality developer so we except more positive changes to come, hopefully ones that allow pros to push the boundaries even further.