Trust Gaming's GXT 707 Gaming Chair

When it comes to gaming chairs, you have to have something that is comfortable and supportive. These national lockdowns continue to mean more time spent at home, and for most of us that means long, sweaty gaming sessions. Using an old, battered chair or a your Mum's dining chair is not good for your back and will cause you some serious issues in the long run. Instead, make sure you have a quality gaming chair that offers padding, and lumbar support as this will ensure your back and shoulders are supported for the long sessions.

At the Druid HQ our choice of gaming chair is the Trust Gaming GXT 707 Gaming Chair. It comes in a variety of colours including black, blue grey or red, but we went with the fantastic looking Red chair (the 707R Resto Gaming Chair). It is adjusable in both height and recline, meaning you can get the perfect position for your setup. It also comes with back and neck pillows to provide perfect lumbar support, giving relief on your spine and joints. The chair itself is absolutely stunning too - it's smart and sleek upholstry and stitching mean the Resto gaming is a fantastic looking chair! Style and comfort, what more do you need?

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