Top 5 Doomfist plays from OWL Season One

If you're like myself the lack of Overwatch League has been killing you. With Season One full of twists and turns who knows what Season Two will hold? But even before we can begin thinking of Season Two, we have the excitement and emotional roller-coaster that is the Overwatch World Cup! However, I think it's important to refresh our memories every now and then of some of the highlights Season One gave us. Thanks to the fantasically informative YouTube channel, Akshon Esports, we can! Check out some of the unbelievable Doomy plays below! Don't forget to subscribe to their channel too, it won't disappoint!

I hope this gave you a little excitement for what Season Two and the World Cup will bring. I know it did us! Don't forget to check us out on all platforms @druidgaming and our most exciting streaming convention to date, StreamCon 2019!