Top 10 streams of July 2018

Popular Twitch Statistics website TwitchMetrics recently published the statistics on the top performing channels globally in July 2018. It may not come as a surprise which channels top the ‘Most Viewed’ list. Ninja is the most popular streamer right now and has been for a good few months. This month he has surpassed 5 million viewers, nearly 2.5 Million more views than ELEAGUE TV, who came in second. What might surprise you is that Ninja still stops the ‘Fastest Growing’ list, with 228,073 so far, over 28,000 more than Tfue who sits in second place. We have to say this is an impressive feat from the world’s number 1 streamer - he’s already the biggest and he continues to grow at an awesome rate! So what does the rest of the list look like? Well out of the top 10 streams of the month, 6 of them were esports competitions, or at least predominantly. The highest rated esports stream, as we mentioned earlier, was Counter Strike’s ELEAGUE. It comes in with about 60,000 more viewers than it’s nearest esports stream esamarathon, the world renowned speed running competition. Surprisingly then Fortnite competitions were run this month did not result in a top 10 finish for Fortnite’s Twitch channel, although this is probably due to the likes of Ninja, Tfue & Myth etc drawing in so many viewers to their streams specifically. PUBG, Overwatch League, Dota 2 and League of Legends make up the other esports channels. In terms of individual streamers Tfue, Dakotaz and Myth were the others to make the list. All of these guys are Fortnite-predominant streamers, each of them brining in 1 Million viewers over the month so far, which is really impressive. The fact that only Fortnite streamers are making the top 10 at the moment goes to show just how great the game is, as well as their personality on stream of course. Interestingly only 4 non-Fortnite streamers made the top 20. Shroud (13th - PUBG), Summit1g (14th various games), xQcOW (17th - Overwatch) & YoDa (18th - Various).



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