The Return of Halo Reach

Halo Reach is one of the best Halo's ever made. Debatabley it is also the last good installment of halo as well, with more recent titles falling slightly short of expectation for true fans of the Halo series. Well there is great news coming from 343 Industries, who announced two major pieces of news in one go. Firstly, Halo Reach will be available as part of the Master Chief Collection on Xbox, and also it is now available to play on PC. Massive news.

It was released on PC yesterday at 1pm and by 7pm it was the 3rd most player game worldwide. Halo Reach recorded 140,000 concurrent players on PC, which was the third highest game behind only CS:GO and Dota 2. I can't help but feel that the re-release of Halo Reach is drumming up more hype than next year's new title: Halo Infinite. And to be honest, having sunk MANY hours into Halo Reach myself I can understand why. The campaign was class, the multiplayer was incredibly well fine tuned and there were several additions which made it stand out from the other big shooters of it's time. It has Infection (zombie spartans), Forge (create your own map) & Firefight (massive team based PvE mode). Oh and not to mention some of the best maps in any game.

The Master Chief Collection is now available to purchase through Steam for £29.99, or simply just get Reach for £6.99, or you can download it straight to your from the Xbox Game Pass now. I can feel many more more being spent playing this again!

Let us know your thoughts on Halo Reach. Is it your favourite? Are you happy to see its return? Let us know in the comments.