The Nostalgia of Resident Evil 2

In a time where online gaming was barely a thing, and people used to play couch-coop, games like Resident Evil we're the best thing ever. A lot of gamers nowadays are satisfied with the competitive nature of games and have no desire to complete a campaign modr, but back in the day the thing that set games apart was it's storyline and Resident Evil 2 was certainly among the best of them.

I still get the same adrebaline boost now out of the jump scares that I used to as a kid and the game has brought back so many memories. I feel like I'm a teenager again, crapping myself every time a freaking zombie jumps out! You won't find any spoilers here; if you've not played it before you have to experience it yourself. If you're not able to play it we certainly recommend watching Markiplier play it: (warning: it's 1 hour 20 minutes long, don't use mobile data!).

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