The Next Outlast will Feature a CO-OP mode

The Outlast series is considered one of the scariest games of all time. If you've had the minerals to play or watch a stream of Outlast you'll understand exactly why this is the case. Both of the first two games have an incredibly tense and eerie feel to them that is second to none. The iconic gameplay that involves you walking around in a pitch black hell hole with only a camera, with night vision, that contains just enough batteries to stop last the level is getting its third installment.

Outlast Trials will be set in a the same universe as the previous two Outlast games but will be featured in a much earlier time period, namely the Cold War. This time around you will not have to endure the terror alone, and Outlast Trials will be playable with Co-OP, meaning you and a buddy can be just as anxious playing as each other. If anything, another person in the room jumping out of there skin is only going to make things worse. The theme of the game is set in some sort of scientific testing laboratory and you, the players, are test subjects. There aren't too many details about the game yet but I imagine it involves a lot of running around in the dark escaping monsters, screaming loudly both in the game and IRL. The only potential disappointment for me is that your character will have night vision goggles instead of the iconic camera. But either way I'm sure Red Barrels will drum up an insane horror fest for us!

No release date has been confirmed yet