The highest earning YouTube star is 8 years old!!

The question, apparently, is no longer 'what do you want to be when you grow up', as Ryan ToysReview is showing us. This 8 year old from the USA is reportedly earning $22,000,000 from his YouTube channel on which he reviews the latest kid's toys and gadgets.

The Ryan ToyReview channel was set up by Ryan's parents back in March 2015 and now has 17 million followers, during which time the channel has received nearly 26 billion views.

To put this into perspective popular YouTube gaming stars Ninja and Markiplier have 20 and 22 million followers on YouTube respectively. This is actually amazing for an 8 year old, even if it is helped by his parents.

In terms of earning you can see from the list below that he is earning more than Jake Paul, Dude Perfect, Markiplier etc.

(Sources: BBC, Forbes)

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