The Grande Soirée Patch came with a few Surprises 

Apex Legends released their new event, The Grande Soirée, earlier this week as part of a larger patch. The event will feature a number of different LTMs for players to take part in, with a new competition system that will see more rewards and more loot. Currently you can play Live. Die. Live, a game mode that allows your dead teammates to respawn on you every time a new ring forms. They come back DBNO so you have to get them up quickly but this LTM is certainly hectic and it really makes you think about the game differently.

Along with the new event came a pretty decent sized patch that included a number of changes we were expecting, but also a number of unexpected additions:

- Red Loot Boxes: if you kill someone who was holding a loot vault key their box will highlight as red. Red is more rare than gold so even if they had a gold item as well the box will be red

- Longbow Iron Sight: well thank god for this! The Longbow is no actually usable without a sight attachment as they have made the iron sight much more user friendly

- Gibraltar has a new animation when he revives players inside of his dome shield. In addition to this he can now revive players slightly quicker than before

- Custom game/tournament modes have been added to the menu. It's currently not usable but could be something that allows us to host some Apex tournaments. Let us know in the comments if you're up for that!

What do you think of the new event and the patch so far? Let us know in the comments.