The best Fornite Creative Mode Map So Far?

Season 7 got underway on Thursday and it came with some huge changes including a new snowy area of the map (and all the points of interest that come with it, planes, ziplines, a new battle pass and loads more. Potentially one of the best additions from Druid Gaming's point of view is the addition of a creative mode. This mode allows you to take an island and add in your own elements, creating your very own map. With so many creative people out there it was never gonna be an issue finding things to build, but our favourite has to be so far is this Ninja Warrior/Total Wipeout course made by Muselk.

As you can see from the video he's build a brilliant course which is hilarious to watch and no doubt even more hilarious to play. Using bounce pads, ice traps and floating platforms you have to avoid falling into the spike traps. You may remember Halo and other games doing something similar in the past, and the best player-made maps got featured in mutliplayer modes - let's hope Epic have the same intentions here.

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