The Apex Legends Esports League

Apex Legends' developers, Respawn, have announced that they will soon be kicking off a new competitive series worldwide. The umbrella name for the competitions is Apex Legends Global Series. The Global Series will feature a host of tournaments both online and LAN, in which players will be able to earn Global Series Points. Earning enough points will get you into the four Majors throughout the year.

The first series is scheduled for March 2020, and Respawn have announced a total prize money of $3milliom for the Global Series, with single prize money being as big as $210,000 - or $70,000 each. A combination of 12 live events, and 10 online events will be held - but unfortunately it looks like it will only be available to PC players, not to console.

Standard rules will apply, with early rounds featuring 99 players, and later rounds featuring 60. You can find out more about the events and how to enter on the Apex Legends Global Series website:

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