Tfue Shows Huge Respect to Ninja

In his recent video, the FaZe player and Fortnite legend Tfue showed massive respect to his peer, Ninja. This video (below) was posted on Tuesday night as a reaction to a video posted last week by British Streamer KSI. In the original video KSI appeared to be discussing which player was better, Ninja or Tfue although it did start as if it was just going to be a bit of a dig at Ninja.

Right from the off Tfue showed respect to Ninja, saying that he doesn't know why people roast him so much, and that Ninja has been a pioneer for Fortnite, esports and streaming. And to be fair he's right. I mean Ninja blew records out the water for viewership numbers and really helped to make a name for Fortnite. Kudos to Tfue for sticking up for Ninja despite a hostile public opinion (for no real reason other than his success...)

As it turns out, KSI's video was just a combination of 3 times the 2 met in public matches and Tfue came out on top. As Tfue points out, you can't really call this a fair comparison as it's not in a competitive environment..but that is something Druid Gaming would love to see. You can see the original KSI video here:

Who do you think is the better Fortnite player? Let us know in the comments.

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