Tfue's contract leaked?

You might have seen a lot of hype and speculation around Fortnite player Tfue and his contract with popular esports team FaZe Clan. The streamer joined FaZe back in Spring 2018 and rose very quickly to fame after dominating tournaments and cups with partner FaZe Cloak.

It certainly seemed like Tfue was killing it on the surface however a few days ago a huge story began as Tfue announced that he would be seeking legal support, claiming that his FaZe contract was 'oppressive'. For a lot of young streamers, being in a team like FaZe is a huge dream and repping their brand from a streaming and competitive point of view no different to pulling on a Real Madrid shirt.

You might think twice now as a potential leak of his contract has been released:

It's still not clear if this is legit or not. If it is, all of the money you think some streamers earn may actually be a bit false. Considering that Tfue has reported earning contracts worth ten's od thousands...FaZe are taking a massive chunk of money away from him. On the other hand it could be a fake leak...but even so, the fact that Tfue has gone public about it must mean it's really bad. He's also had support from teammate Cloak on this too...

Its tricky to say too much about this as FaZe are such a huge brand it's hard to argue against the support that they have given Tfue in making it to being one of the most famous streamers in the world. Before this he was a relatively unknown streamer. However I wouldn't be surprised if this did lead to a slightly more balanced contract setup for FaZe moving forward, and even less surprised if players from other orgs started mentioning unfair contracts too.

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