Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Tournament

We all know and love Street Fighter. There have been so many games and we’ve all had intense duels with our friends. Well, to celebrate the release of their 30th Anniversary edition Capcom have announced 3 tournaments for fans to participate in for the chance to win $7000.

‘Super Street Fighter Turno 2’ will be held on June 29th at CEO, Daytona Beach, FL. 

‘Street Fighter Alpha 3’ will take place in Ontario, on September 14th, at the SoCal Regionals. 

‘Street Fighter 3: Third Strike’ will take place at the Canada Cup on October 26th.

You can register for the events at the 3 events’ relevant pages and all of the relevant information you need to know can be found at:

Druid Gaming will update you with any more news surrounding the 3 events