Stormforce Gaming - the Pinnacle of PC Gaming 

The next installment of our post-Streamcon product reviews takes us to the 'master race' of gaming. Most esports are performed on PC these days (not all) and having experienced a variety of PCs myself it's clear that not all PCs are the same calibre. Our Gaming PC Sponsor for Streamcon, Stormforce Gaming, is very much aware of this and have built all of their PCs with the highest level of gaming in mind.

"Druid Fazer: this is the best PC I've ever used. It's so smooth, the frame rate is incredible"

Stormforce have created high quality machines for every level of gamer, whether you're just starting out as a casual gamer or whether you're a full time streamer or esports professional, they've got something for you.

Take the Onyx GTX 1650 for example. Coming in at a very reasonable £599.99 it comes with an Intel Core i3-9100F processor, the GTX 1650 graphics card, 8GB DDR4 RAM and 1TB of storage. This bad boy will do everything you want it to, well. Built with 'the award winning NVIDIA Turing architecture' this PC is perfect for playing modern games.

Compare that with the Magnum RTX2070 which is more suited to serious streamers and competitive players, or those looking for God Tier gaming performance. "Packing an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 8086K 40th Anniversary Edition CPU, turbo boosting at a scorching 5.00GHz and sporting 6 cores to obliterate any task in its way. A huge 16GB of DDR4 RAM runs at a swift 2400MHZ, delivering blindingly quick multitasking performance". If you want no frame rates and high level gameplay, the Magnum RTX2070 is for you.

From the Onyx range to the Magnum range and everything in between, Stormforce is a brilliant option for your new Gaming PC. Christmas is right around the corner folks - get a Stormforce PC on your list!