Soulja Boy Starting His Own Esports Team

A lot of you guys reading this but back in 2007 Soulja Boy came into the music scene fast and hard with his famous song, Crank That. It's a classic tune that you may well remember but what you may not know about the rapper is th t he has a massive heart for gaming and esports.

In a recent video with TMZ Sports ( Soulja Boy confirm that he wanted to get more involved in gaming by creating his very own esports team. He shouted out to his close friend, Ninja, who he said he's learned a lot from and said off the back of it he'll he recruiting in early 2019. His first games which he'll focus on are apparently Fortnite, Call of duty, Overwatch and more so if you re looking for a break in games like this, this could he your chance.

It's great to see more and more famous people getting behind esports and hopefully this will continue to push the gaming scene forward even more.

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