Soooooo, it's just called Xbox? 

Last week we wrote about the new generation in the Xbox family tree which will be released in the winter of 2020. The announcement of this new addition came with the the information that the new name of the Xbox will be the Xbox Series X.

That appears to not actually be the case after Microsoft told Business Insider that Series X is only one of the new generation of consoles, not the overall name. Confused? Yeah, same. So if it wasn't already confusing enough that they've been using Project Scarlett for months on end, they then announced 'Series X'. Immediately I thought of the number 10, like the iPhone X (the 10th Generation of Apple's smartphone), the Roman Numeral etc. Of course this is only the 4th generation of Xbox's...but then why are we surprised because they called the 3rd generation the 'Xbox One'...hmmm

So...the new information suggests that the upcoming Xbox next winter will just simply be called 'Xbox'. Yep, the same as the first ever Xbox...because that won't be confusing. Apparently Series X will be a version of 'Xbox', similar to how they had the Xbox One X, and the Xbox One S. So it's safe to assume that the X in Series X refers to the letter x, not the number 10; and that all future versions of the new Xbox will be Series S, Series A, Series B etc.

Imagine if there was a way they could go up in a simple, progressive manner that was clear for all, not just the nutters in the Xbox marketing know, like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...