Someone has reached 100,000 Kills on Apex 

Apex Legends hasn't even been out for a whole year yet but someone has already got to 100,000 kills. And here was me thinking I was doing well with a few thousand per season... The player that has reached this milestone first is Termk47, who is number 1 Lifeline across all platforms, but with a record like that it's not really a surprise I suppose.

Termk47 posted about it on his Twitter and had a lot of fellow gamers and pro players congratulating him. Check out his stats below, they're quite a sight:

So let's put this in perspective. Apex has been out about 10 months (released officially on 4th Feb 2019). Let's call it 10 months, and also assume that Termk47 has been playing EVERY day since day 1 which is (hopefully) not the case.

100,000 kills is 10,000 kills per month.

10,000 kills per month is roughly 333 per day.

If he plays for 8 hours per day that's 42 kills per hour.

This is actually incredible grinding from Termk47. Wow.