Sea of Thieves beta kicks off today

The long awaited Sea of Thieves title has its beta being released as of today. However this beta will only be available to certain players as Rare has confirmed only people who are an xbox insider or those who took part in the game’s first beta will be able to take part.

The scale test begins today at 10 am GMT (2 am PST) and will close on Sunday February 18th at 10am GMT (2 am PST)

The reason behind this test is to check the work they have done since the previous closed beta and to try and reach a higher concurrent player count than ever seen before.

Check out Microsoft`s following statements…

"The goal of this is to test a lot of the work we’ve done since the Closed Beta, and to try and hit a higher concurrent players number than we’ve ever seen before,”

"With this added scale we expect – and plan – to see issues, that we can learn from and address."

"Not only are we looking to hit scale, we will also purposefully be stressing our services by throttling performance at certain times, testing the game in different data centers around the world, and simulating deliberate outages.”

Druid Gaming are certainly looking forward to the finished product for Sea of Thieves. We’ll keep you up to date with future Sea of Thieves news.

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