SCUM: Early Access Survival Game

Survival games in recent years have become extremely popular Day Z, Ark Survival and H1Z1 are just to name a few - This week has seen the launch of 'SCUM' which is now available to play in early access on Steam.  'SCUM' is set in a world where inmates are put onto an island which is the setting for a reality TV Show that has the inmates fighting one another and of course trying to survive the environment. One of the big features that surrounds 'SCUM' is the in depth character creation and information system - How you make your character can alter attributes for example someone with more muscle will hit harder and be able to carry more but will need more protein. Aspects of the game will include eating and drinking also a wetness and dry system is in game meaning you'll have to make a fire to dry your clothing after having a dip in a nearby river you'll also have to do small details such as going to the toilet! 

Servers hold 64 players with a map that gives enough space to explore and collect gear without constantly bumping into people, so don't be expecting a fast paced killing spree to happen, however do keep on the lookout for other players trying to take you down and also other hazards such as hostile robots and zombies. As of right now many of the features such as objectives for players, vehicles and in depth crafting are all planned for the game in the future, developers have said to expect 'SCUM' to be in early access for at least a year so that's plenty of time for new features to roll out. With the Battle Royale genre taking gaming by storm and edging players away from more slower placed survival games can 'SCUM' bring back some of the old crowd?  As of now it is doing very well over on Twitch placing within the top 5 streamed games, so perhaps go over and take a look or jump in and play for yourself!

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