Riot's new FPS has been leaked

(All pics: Valorant FB)

Riot Games, known primarily for the world-renowned game League of Legends, had previously announced a bunch of projects that they were working on that would content with the work of Blizzard. We already knew about 'Legends of Runeterra', Riots version of Hearthstone, and there were several other projects announced including Project A.

It seems like Project A has been leaked pretty heavily over the past couple of days, with Facebook and Twitter pages appearing that show screenshots of Project A in early development. Apparently the name of the game will be Valorant, and from the looks of it it is a first person shooter.

The images in this article are some of the leaked photos on the Valorant Facebook page. Whilst they're probably not the finished product they do give us a feel for the type of game this could be. To us Valorant is giving off a Counter Strike x Overwatch feel where you have two teams made up of different character types battling it out in an arena. What we are all hoping for is for Riot to make an amazing version of Team Fortress!

There isn't much much to know about the game yet and since these are only leaks there's no guarantee that this will actually be anything like the final game. However it is a fact that Riot Games are working on some big projects and a new FPS could be something that helps get us out of the rut that the gaming industry seems to be in.

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