Ridiculous comeback by the FaZe guys to win Keemstar $20k Tournament

 On Friday, Keemstar's 9th tournament was held with a $20,000 prize for the winners. This week featured a no-rules policy which allowed players to sabotage their opponent's buildings. Crowd favourite Ninja and team mate lost in this manner to eventual winners FaZa cLoak and FaZe Tfue. The FaZe duo eventually reached the final and came up against a tough opponent in TSM Camills and TSM Daequan. This all-star match up had fans at the edge of their seat as TSM took the lead quite considerably after the first game, leaving themselves with a 15 kill lead going into game 2. 

What happened next was pure esports gold as cLoak and Tfue made one of the greatest comebacks ever. It was so tense until the very end. Check out the clip here:

Source: FaZe cLoak Youtube Channel

Will anybody be able to stop Cloak and Tfue next week or wil Ninja, Lupo or the TSM squad take the crown? Let us know on the Druid Gaming social media channels

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