Read Dead Redemption 2: New Possibilities

With Rockstars new cowboy adventure in the not so distant future we have been treated to seeing a gameplay trailer, the first in an instalment of videos that seem will be showcasing different aspects of the game.

From what has been shown so far it's clear that Rockstar have been working hard on the game and fans are getting excited for October when they can roam the wild west once again - With the first Red Dead being released way back in 2010 and GTA V originally released in 2013 its been quite some time since we have had our hands on a new game by them, but it certainly seems it will be worth the wait as the gameplay shows a world filled with things to do and new ways to play.

GTA V is still one of the most streamed games and is continuing to receive new content so we can expect to see the online in Red Dead getting long running content and generating lots of popularity on streaming services - The online was not shown in the gameplay but we have heard about certain game modes that are supposed to appear in game and of course an open free roam, one game mode that is rumoured but not yet confirmed is a 'Battle Royale' the details of which are unknown but if one does appear in the game we can probably expect it to make use of the survival skills that are seen within the single player.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is already being branded some peoples game of the year before it's even released it's also highly possible the sales will surpass that of the new COD launch which usually achieves best selling game each year with its latest title - With all the hype being generated around this game, the possibilities for streaming, new game modes and a massive open world campaign it would seem October is going to be a fun month for gamers.

Here is the gameplay trailer!

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