Razer Mouse and Keyboard for Xbox One

Will We be using Mouse and keyboards from the couch!?

Mouse Features

  • Support for 5 buttons

  • Support for wheel movement (Vertical and Horizontal)

  • Ability to query for mouse capabilities

  • Ability to report absolute pointer location

  • Ability to report relative pointer movement

  • Ability to set cursor glyph and visibility

  • New API for polling above the above data

How long before we see the Razor Naga on console?

Introducing USB Mouse Support

  • Support for all USB mice supported by Windows

  • Includes most dongle based wireless devices

  • No support for custom devices or Bluetooth

In very ironic fashion Microsoft announced they would be bringing out a keyboard and mouse in partnership with Razer, hours after we wrote a review on Razer’s Wolverine controller. In this article we mentioned that controllers like this are the next level to improving at gaming because they have more buttons and pads that are customisable to your play style and hand shape.

Razor Turret Keyboard and Mouse

We still stand by this review of course but with this new news of a keyboard and mouse becoming available for Xbox One gameplay there may suddenly be no need whatsoever for a controller! Of course this won’t be an instant dream for Xbox players because there aren’t many games that have the capacity to support a mouse and keyboard right now. Over time, games will be developed or produced to allow the input; the first game to do so reportedly being Warframe.

Will in remain balanced with players using controllers?

Gameplay, Balance and Multiplayer

  • Multiplayer balance comes down to which title you are playing

  • Presents of Keyboard/Mouse can be queried

  • Highly suggested that Keyboard/Mouse should be part of the matchmaking rules.

Microsoft highlighted their intention of keeping games “fun, fair and correctly balanced”, which for Druid Gaming is the most important issue here. Let’s face it, not everyone has the money to buy a keyboard and mouse on top of the console and game (especially a AAA brand like Razer), and this is one thing that consoles typically have offered in the past - level playing field. With internet connection being the only really affecting factor, Microsoft need to encourage developers to create separate lobbies for keyboard and controller players in our opinion.

To be considered a Console or PC now?

Do you agree with or thoughts? How do you think this could change the market for gaming, Esports and streaming in general? Let us know in the comments.