Rainbow Six: Siege added to British University Esports Championship

The British University Esports Championship (BUEC) is the official Esports tournament that universities around the UK compete in, with the aim of being crowned the ultimate gaming university. Similar to how traditional sports see universities compete in BUCS competitions against rivaling universities, BUEC sees teams go head-to-head throughout the academic year in a number of major titles. Games already competed in include Starcraft, Smash Bros, League of Legends, Overwatch CS:GO and as of this February, Rainbox Six: Siege will join this list.

Siege will feature for the first time ever in the Spring 2020 championship after a recent partnership between Ubisoft and NSE (the BUEC governing body). "Rainbow Six Siege has grown from strength to strength as an esports title over the last few years and has a popular following in the UK. It has always been an ambition of ours to integrate Rainbow Six Siege into the British University Esports Championship and we look forward to working closely with Ubisoft UK to make it a success" Ubisoft's Head of Brand and Media explained.

Esports in the UK is still growing, with a number of players and teams from various titles making big names for themselves in the gaming community. The university leagues and competitions are a fantastic step between grassroots and professional gaming as it provides access and exposure to high level competitions, and it could be one of the reasons that the UK makes a push towards being the best Esports nation in future years.