PUBG will have New Map to Celebrate Turning 3

Image: PUBG

It seems surreal that PUBG has been out for almost 3 years now. Time flies. However, the Battle Royale giant is played by millions around the world, even 3 years into its life. That's pretty impressive for any game these days and most of its success is due to the fact they keep it pretty fresh and interesting. With new maps, cosmetics and constant improvements made by the devs to try and keep their community engaged.

The devs are clearly working hard on the game still, after releasing a post recently that states there will be exciting times ahead as the third anniversary approaches. This means new maps, new weapons and new mechanics! All of this will be released as the team is still working on the current game update which will look to improve Vikendi, and introduce Team Deathmatch.

Image: PUBG

PUBG helped set the Battle Royale fire that burns strong today, and with consistent improvement and developments 3 years in, we are sure it will continue to last.

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