PUBG’s new 4x4 map.  Codename: Savage

PUBG Developers have been talking recently about the release of a new map which will be 4x4km, instead of the usual 8x8 that you find on Erangel. PUBG have announced it will kick off during the week coming and it will be in very early stages of development at this stage. Official launch time is from the 2nd of April, 7pm PDT until the 5th of April, 4am PDT.

The reason they are releasing it so early in development is because they want to get consistent feedback from the fans to help shape. improve and fine-tune the map so that the finished product is perfect. If you want to participate all you'll need is a copy of Player Unknown Battlegrounds on steam. Then you'll need to get your hands on an access key by visiting the PUBG website on Monday 2nd April, where they will be distributing the keys. It sounds like there will be plenty to go around but make sure to get there as early as possible just in case. 

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