Pro Players Caught Cheating in the Fortnite World Cup

One of the biggest games in the world was always bound to bring in big prize money and lots of exposure. So it was always going to be the case that players tried to take advantage of as many situations as possible to win, or place as high as possible. With Fornite in particular it may seem slightly easier to get away with considering there are 99 other players who might be being watched so you may not be spotted - in comparison to most other esports which tend to have a lot fewer players competition concurrently.

Pro player XXIF has been caught red handed by fellow pro players and casters, when we was noticed getting some cheap kills in his solo matches. It has been suggested that a previous teammate dropped at the same place as him and allowed him to kill him easily; allowing him to gain more points. XXIF then gained a lot of points later in his Duos match with teammate Ronaldo, eventually finishing 3rd with 97 points.

Famous Fortnite players Dr Lupo, Tfue and NICKMERCS have all spoken out about the unfairness of the situation but as it stands the pair will be taking part in the finals in New York, on 26th July. I can only imagine that a lot of pro players will be gunning for them to try and provide some kind of justice.

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