Possible Fortnite season 4 theme which may explain the comet question

Calling all Fortnite fans! today we bring you Some very exciting news and possibly even an answer to the question which we have all been asking ourselves and each other, what is this comet all about? Well although we still do not know for certain Epic have just dropped a hint on what may be in that comet which has been streaming towards the battlegrounds over the last few weeks. The image at the top of this article has been shared across Epic’s social media accounts and straight away you can see there is a masked man which looks very much like a superhero inside the blazing path of fire.

This has left many of us at Druid gaming believing that season 4 will be superhero themed and that the comet is not actually a comet it’s in fact this superhero like figure travelling towards our battlegrounds which is going to crash down and make an appearance as the season 4 tier 100 skin. An alternate prediction is that maybe this ball of fire in the air really is a comet and that a superhero is going to swoop down and save the earth as let’s be honest we all know superhero’s turn up when the earth is under threat. It has to be said that this is all happening very close to the release of the new marvel avengers film so the superhero theme would be very fitting at this time. What are your thoughts? Stay tuned for more