Pokimane streams without make-up internet reacts poorly

If you haven't heard/seen already - your favourite streamer, Pokimane, went live recently wearing no make-up. The point of the stream was to show the thousands watching how important natural beauty is. In a generation full of edited images, professional make-up & lighting, Pokimane made an attempt to raise an extremely valid point - not everyone looks like they do on social media. However, the brave streamer received the cold response of internet trolls lurking behind their keyboards, spreading negative comments like disease. Behavior that is completely unacceptable. Check out the video below to hear Pokimane's story.

Despite the brush of horrid responses, Pokimane gained a lot of respect from influences and fans across the globe, including Druid Gaming. It's a brave move to be original in a world full of sheep and natural in a world full of fakes. Good for you, Pokimane!

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