Philadelphia Fusion to get a $50 million Stadium

Comcast, the Owners of both the Philadelphia Flyers and the Philadelphia Fusion as set to invest $50 million in a brand new stadium for their Esports team, the Fusion. With the rising interest in Esports both globally and in America, Comcast wanted to be the first to develop a purpose built arena.

The new stadium will also be able to host major gaming events, acting as the East Coast hub for gaming, streaming and esports events in the US. With the likes of Twitchcon, E3 and Blizzcon all being held on the other side of the country, South Philadelphia's new stadium will likely open up doors for those on the East of the country.

No doubt with Fusion being a very competitive Overwatch team, Comcast will get keen to establish their presence in other Esports. Perhaps we'll see Philadelphia based teams rise up in Battle Royale games, sports game and various other genres. Time will tell.

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