Paris Eternal are going to be a Threat Next Season!

Season 1 of the Overwatch League was an unbelievable introduction to Overwatch's esports scene. Despite NYXL's dominance throughout there ended up with a number of strong contenders battling for the Title. Eventually London Spitfire emerged as the best team in the world and ever since Druid Gaming have been chomping at the bit for the new season to starts. On February 14th 2019 season 2 will commence (what better way to spend Valentines day) with a bunch of new teams, and they all look like they're going to be great to watch.

One team that stands out in particular to Druid Gaming is a new European contender by the name of Paris Eternal. Their roster looks insane with Soon, Shadowburn, Nico, Kruise and BenBest all repping Paris next year. Certainly one to watch out for! We've picked out the video above by France's most loved player Soon. We're hoping for much more of this in 2019!

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